Are there any restrictions on where I can take a Camper Trailer?

Good As Gold Campers can be used throughout all States and Territories of Australia.

ON ROAD Campers such as the Jayco Swan and Jayco Expanda are designed and built to travel on sealed bitumen roads only.

OFF ROAD Campers like the Camprite TX6 are designed for travel, with caution, on sealed or dirt roads and 4WD tracks but excluding the Simpson Desert, Canning Stock Route and the Old Telegraph Track on Cape York and any route that has been closed by the local authorities for any reason.

Can my vehicle tow a Camper Trailer?

Vehicle Towing Ability:

Your Vehicle Owner’s Manual will state the maximum “braked towing capacity” and the maximum “tow ball weight” for your vehicle.  Most medium sized family cars are generally able to tow our campers, however you must check and ensure that your vehicle’s towing limits are sufficient for the camper you are hiring and therefore greater than the weights detailed below:

Jayco Swan Jayco Expanda Camprite TX6

 Approx Tare Weight

1067 kg 1520 kg 1050 kg

Approx ATM Weight (Fully Loaded)

1367 kg 1820 kg 1750 kg

Approx Tow Ball Weight

96 kg 157 kg 70-120 kg

Tow Bar Specifications

Your vehicle must be fitted with a suitable tow bar and 50mm tow ball.  The Camprite Campers use a TREGG coupling which will be supplied.  If hiring a Camprite Camper, please ensure that the vehicles standard 50mm tow ball is removed prior to coming to pick up your Camprite camper trailer.

Electrical System

The Campers are fitted with standard 7 pin electrical plugs.  If your tow vehicle is from a European Manufacturer, (eg. VW, BMW, Land/Range Rover or Volvo etc) check with the manufacturer for an adaptor for LED trailer lights if required.

Do I need an Electric Brake Controller fitted to tow a camper?

No, the Jayco Camper Trailers and Caravans come with their own Brake Controllers so there is no need to have any vehicle modifications or your own brake controller installed.

The Camprite camper trailers have mechanical over-ride brakes so there is no need to have any vehicle modifications or your own brake controller installed.

Can I tow a Camper Trailer with a Hire Vehicle?

Contact us for a current list of hire companies that allow you to tow one of our Camper Trailers with their specified vehicles.

Do the Camper Trailers take long to set up?

Our Camper Trailers and Caravans take anywhere between 5 – 20 minutes to set up depending on the type of camper hired and your familiarity with the procedure.  We will provide you with a full training demonstration to teach you how to set up and pack down the camper when you come to collect it as well as a detailed instruction manual for your reference whilst on your trip.  If stopping for longer than a couple of days, we recommend the awning walls are fitted.

Are the Camper Trailers fitted out with cooking equipment?

The Jayco range has a 3 burner Gas stove with one 240v element and also a gas griller.  The Camprite camper trailer has a 2 burner Gas stove.  Pots and pans are supplied with all campers – please refer to the packing guide for a detailed list of inclusions.  We also have BBQ’s available for hire that plug into the gas bayonet on the camper and run off the gas supplied with the camper therefore eliminating the need to take additional gas bottles.  Please see our Accessories.

What about refrigeration?

The Jayco Swan’s are fitted with a 3 way 90 litre fridge/freezer (12v, 240v or Gas) and the Jayco Expanda’s are fitted with a 3 way 150L fridge/freezer.  Additional refrigeration can be supplied by hiring one of our 60L Engel 12v / 240v fridge/freezers.

The Camprite campers are not fitted with refrigeration, however we have 60L Engel fridge/freezers (12v/240v) available for hire.  Please see our Accessories.

What do I need to pack?

As our campers come equipped with an extensive list of inclusions, in most cases you just need to pack you’re bedding (sheets and pillows), clothes and food however once you’ve booked your camper, you’ll be provided with a detailed packing guide which lists exactly what comes with the camper so that you don’t end up packing things that are already included.

Are the campers fitted out with lights?

All Camper Trailers are fitted with 12v lights.

For stays of greater than 7 days without access to mains power, we recommend you hire one of our Solar Panels or 1000w Inverter Generators to safely run your additional appliances as well as recharge the trailers battery.

How will we get on for water?

The Jayco range have a 90 litre water tank and the Camprite has two water tanks that can carry up to 160 litres of water.  Additional water can be carried in jerry cans if you need it.

If you are staying on a Powered Site, this usually includes access to a drinking water tap that can be connected directly to the Jayco range using the hose supplied with the camper or alternatively can be used to fill the water tanks on the Camprite.

Please note, water is not supplied with the hire of a camper.

Are the Campers waterproof and dustproof?

It’s never possible to guarantee water and dust proofing however the manufacturers of our Campers have used comprehensive design features to stop the ingress of water and dust.

Do I have to remake the beds after each days travel?

The beds can be left made up when packing up for a days travel however the pillows need to be removed and stowed. This ensures a quick set up at your next destination.

What if we have to pack up in damp conditions?

We supply plastic bed covers which you simply fit over the beds and pack up the trailer.  This helps to ensure your beds will be nice and dry when you set up at your next destination.

Who should we contact if we get into trouble?

Firstly, contact the Emergency Services if there is any threat to life or limb.

If you intend exploring remote parts of Australia, remember distances are long, areas are sparsely populated and climatic conditions can be extreme. In your planning, consider a full range of recovery gear, spare parts and tools, a generous allowance for water, food, first aid kit and communications. Just ask us and we can assist you to ensure you are well prepared.

Each Camper is fitted out with the following spares and emergency equipment

Off Road Camprite On Road Jayco
 Spare Tyres



 Vehicle Jack



 Wheel Brace



 Fire Extinguisher



 Fire Blanket



Good As Gold Camper Hire emergency contact numbers will be provided in the manual provided with your hire.

To make your booking, call now on 1300 102 777.